Top 10 activists of the New Gamebook Wave in Bulgaria


he Bulgarian version of this article is much more detailed, but here you can see a very quick summary of the top 10 activists of the New wave of the gamebooks in Bulgaria, now as it reaches its tenth year. The article is given in alphabetical order, without any priority between the participants.


Authors and illustrators

You can check them out  in THIS TOPIC.


Alexander Alexandrov - Adryane Wayne

  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Popularization


Alexander Torofiev - Al Toro

  • Editor
  • Author
  • Co-creator of "Gamebooks" association
  • Publisher
  • Translator
  • Popularization


Victor Atanassov - Ringlas

  • Creator and developer of Prime games, a company for gamebooks, adapted for PC and mobile platforms.
  • Administrator of the community channels and website
  • Supporter in crowdfunding initiatives


"Gamebooks" magazine team

Galen Monev, Spasimir Ignatov - Vilorp, Taner "SatanicSLayer" Aliosmanov, the_arsonist, Ivaylo Arlekin Dinkov, Georgi Dimitrov - Der, Deyan Efix Vachkov, Peter Agapov and others...

  • Creation and publishing of "Gamebooks" magazine and other books
  • Popularization


Spasimir Ignatov - Vilorp

  • Author
  • Establishment and organization of many competitions for gamebooks
  • Founder and member of the "Gamebooks" magazine team
  • A lot of community management
  • Founder of the "From big to small children" initiative


Nedelcho Bogdanov

  • Creator of the "Bulgar" universe, and co-author of the 3 best-selling gamebooks in it
  • Incredibly productive author, holding the record for the biggest gamebook, published in Bulgaria ("Don Mon")


Nikolay Gyoshev - Nixata

  • Publisher
  • Translator
  • Co-creator of "Gamebooks" association.
  • Popularization


Nikola Raykov

  • Creator, designer and author of the incredibly successful "Gametales", extremely well received, awarded with numerous prizes and published internationally.
  • His books are available for free download and he often takes part in charity.


Behind the scenes

  • Peter "Longshot" Petrov - gameplay and creative editor of huge amount of gamebooks.
  • Yuri Ivanov - text editor and corrector of huge amount of gamebooks.
  • George M. George - pre-press designer of huge amount of gamebooks.


 ( 25 December 2019 )