Overview of the gamebooks in 2019


e can probably say, that 2019' was the best year from the New Gamebooks Wave in Bulgaria, so far. The traditional books were published as planned - two volumes of "Gamebooks Magazine", the annual "Heroic Calling" vol. 8 and "Heroic calling presents". Besides them, we had gamebooks from four other publishers - Ciela, Iztok-Zapad, The Upper Earth (Gronata Zemya) and Bookmart. This year's books have impressive size, as 3 of them are now in top 5 biggest gamebooks in Bulgaria (All Time). So if we count the sum of "interactive pages" or overall volume, no other year can match 2019'.

Best-selling authors from the Old Wave, as well as from the New Wave got something new published and we had some very promising debuts. There was a great variety of genres - the obligatory fantasy, horror and sci-fi, as well as crime/thrillers, sports, history, school-themed, comedy and even dating gamebook. For 4 of the books we could say they have a "Strat" elements - a hybrid form between gamebooks and board games, well known in Bulgaria from the 90's. Once again there were books translated from English, Spanish, Russian and French.

What a great year!


Published gamebooks

  • "Paradoxes", Anael Key (French)
  • "Gamebooks Magazine", vol. 12 ("The Evilness of Mr. Happiness" by Allen Sharp (English), "SLANG Assassin: The sweet kiss of revenge" by Jose L.L. Morales (Spanish), "Aether" by Paul Struth (English), "After the Flag Fell" by Felicity Banks (English), "The Stone Tower" by Peter Agapov, "Fragile Beauty" by Mark Lain (English))
  • "Don Mon", Nedelcho Bogdanov
  • "Ringlas and the Twin Gods", Elena Pavlova
  • "Classroom", Violeta Evtimova
  • "Heroic Calling, vol. 8" ("A Trap of Dreams" by Krassimira Stoeva, "The Struggle for Premier League" by Dean Rangelov, "Sector 49" Simon Blake and Terry Adams)
  • "The Fifth Prince: Destroyer", Nikolay Nikolov - Koziya
  • "Gamebooks Magazine" vol. 13 ("The Cabin" by Nedelcho Bogdanov, "Raid on Château Fekenstein" by Al Sander, (English) "Sealed with an autograph" by Arso Nistevski (a.k.a. the_arsonist), "Star Heart" originally named "Stakan" by Dimitry Yrin (Russian), "Tesseract" by Nikolay Nikolov - Koziya, "The Eye of the Chasm" by Karl-Heinz Zapf (original title: Das Auge des Abyssus: Ein Horror Spielbuch), "The Last Stand of Walter Korse" by Ashton Saylor and Jamie Tompson (English), "A Handful of Dust" by Zachary Carango (English))

No commercial distribution:

  • "Gray Star Wizard", book 1 - Ian Page and Joe Dever
  • "The Way of the Tiger 7: Redeemer" - Mark Smith and Jamie Tompson


Significant events

  • In early spring Prime Games, the Bulgarian studio, developing gamebooks for PC and Mobile platforms, released in Steam - "Trap for Winners", adaptation of a gamebook by Michael Mindcrime. The other big news from the studio is that they are in development of one of the most famous English series -  "Fabled Lands" by Dave Morris and Jamie Tompson.
  • The new edition of "Golden Nixa" award was won by Al Toro with "Guardians".
  • "Colorful Nixa" for "Best Cover" was won by  Georgi Georgiev - Goshun ("Heroic Calling", vol. 7). "Best Illustrations" was won by Maya Bocheva ("A Tale of Two Worlds").



There's not much more we can say, except to repeat once again - a great year for the gamebooks! Considering the plans of the publishers, we can expect the next one to be very good as well, but only time will tell.

( 28 Dec 2019 )

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