Welcome to Legacy of Kreya

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ello dear friends and welcome to Kreya! Here you can follow the development of our gamebook series - the collection "Heroic calling", "Heroic Calling Presents" and the adventures of The Cat! We will also offer you news about everything around the genre, as well as gamebooks by other Bulgarian authors. Some of them you can download or play for free, others you can order on best prices.

In this site you can also follow the rebirth of the gamebooks in Bulgaria. Some of them, based in the world of Kreya as well, you can read directly here absolutely free in our specially developed game module and others you can buy on the best prices (of course free demo version is always available).

In the "RPG" section you can learn more for our free role-playing game, "Legacy of Kreya", which development is currently arrested.

Become a part of our community, read, play and enjoy! There are endless surprises and adventures coming!