Ian Livingstone meets Bulgarian gamebook fans!



ince you are reading the news section in this site and you are familiar with the term gamebooks, it is next to impossible not to know who Ian Livingstone is. He played a huge role in the development of the gamebook genre, as one of the two writers of the "Fighting Fantasy" gamebooks (some of which sold 300 000 copies), and more than 14 millions altogether, translated in at least 23 languages, including Bulgarian (catalog). Of course, he has great achievements, linked with DnD and PC games (Eidos; Tomb Raider), so it wouldn't be strange if you know who he is, even if you're not a gamebook fan!



Оn the "preparatory" day of the On! Fest (which he visited as a GDS lecturer with a presentation "Life is a game") we had the honor to meet him and talk about the gamebooks in Bulgaria and around the world, for their past, present and future. He was surprised to hear, that he has a lot of fans in Bulgaria and even agreed to meet them at 21 September 2013 between 10:00 and 10:30, even though his schedule is extremely busy and his stay in Bulgaria is very short! Of course, we managed to present him the new gamebook collection "Heroic Calling" and "The Big Adventures of the Little Gremlin"  and he was notably impressed by their quallity and kindly accepted the books as a gift.

On the second day of the fest, he arrived at the promised time and gave autographs to all fans, who managed to arrive despite the short notice. He met the Bulgarian authors who were present as well and talked about the fairy-tale-gamebook with Nikola Raykov, the sport-themed gamebooks with Michael Mindcrime and discussed, together with Al Toro, the future and possibilities, which lie before the gamebook genre.


Before leaving, he received a special gift from the "Heroic Calling" team, a poster with the gratitude of the Bulgarian fans and a copy of "Deathtrap Dungeon", which he collects from every country. That was the end of the first visit of a grand worldwide best-selling author of gamebooks, which will hopefully be only the first of many international friendships with authors and fans of the interactive genre!

(21 September 2013)