Golden Nixa Award 2016

TGolden Nixa trophy

he third annual competition for best gamebook in Bulgaria is now over and the fans of the genre have selected their winner. Fifteen authors and fifteen interactive stories competed for this year's award!

Though many huge writers from abroad participated up to now, like Ian Livingstone, Jamie Tompson, Mark Smith, Emanuel Quaireau and others, for the first time a foreign author is ranked in the top 3 and he even won the award!



The winner is the gamebook "Heroes" (original title - "Y", French) and it had a good lead even in the first round; it almost won without a second round. The next three gamebooks were very closely matched:

  1. HEROES (ERIC BERT) - 51 pts. / 90 pts. on second round
  2. Wolf's Den (Slavi Ganev) - 39 pts. / 60 pts. on second round
  3. The Shelter (Radoslav Apostolov) - 40 pts. / 40 pts. on second round
  4. Fangs (Stefan Stefanov) - 38 pts. / 10 pts. on second round
  5. The Seven Lives of Maya (Krassimira Stoeva) - 31 pts. 
  6. The Final (Deyan Rangelov) - 29 pts. 
  7. The Battle before Christmas (Leidrin Sweever) - 22 pts. 
  8. The Urban Witch (Virgil Dreemond) - 15 pts. 
  9. Noah (Coen Livingstone) - 15 pts. 
  10. The Gremlin Hunter (Georgi Karadjov) - 12 pts. 
  11. Balgar 2 (Nedelcho Bogdanov and Robert Blond) - 8 pts. 
  12. Balgar 1 (Nedelcho Bogdanov and Robert Blond) - 6 pts. 
  13. Sploosh the Nix (Rossana Novakovska) - 2 pts. 
  14. Red World (Zachary Carango) - 2 pts. 
  15. Christmas Mischief (Daniela Borisova) - 0 pts. 

Besides the top four titles, the niche interactive novel - "Seven Lives of Maya", appealing mainly to adult audience and the tragicomedy "The Final" about the low football divisions, did amazingly well, considering how "unorthodox" they are for gamebooks. Leidrin Sweever's first story on paper also received considerable support. However, the second international participant, "Red World" by Zachary Carango, which won a merit award in Windhammer 2010, wasn't so well accepted here and got almost no supporters.

( 17 February 2016 )