Golden Nixa Award 2016


he forth winner of the "Golden Nixa" trophy is Al Toro with "The Cat and The Ebony Dragon"), the long-anticipated sequel of the first Bulgarian gamebook of the "new wave".

During 2016' 14 titles were published in Bulgaria - 6 books and 3 almanacs. Again, there were five foreign authors, three of which qualified at the bottom of the competition, but two of them from Russia and England took the 4th and 5th place. Al Toro and Nikolay Nikolov were most productive during this year and participated with two books each.

For a second year in a row two of the top three titles are stories from "Heroic Calling" almanac. The children's gamebooks got a good reception as well and were ranked in the top half of the table, though the voters in this competition are definitely not in the target audience.

Krassimira Stoeva's ranked incredibly well (2nd), considering the rare genre she chose for her gamebook. She is now in top 5 gamebook authors for a second year in a row.



  1. THE CAT AND THE EBONY DRAGON (Al Toro) - 62pts. (150 second round)
  2. The Hotel (Krassimira Stoeva) - 39pts. (70 second round)
  3. Hwarang and Kumiho (Leidrin Sweever) - 35pts.
  4. Genesis (Ray Gard, Russia) - 28pts.
  5. The Sacrifice (Paul Struth, England) - 26pts.
  6. The Goodlings (Nikola Raykov) - 21pts.
  7. Balgar 3 (Nedelcho Bogdanov and Al Toro) - 16pts.
  8. The Swing (M. L. Torns) - 8pts.
  9. Payback (Plamen Ivanov) - 7pts.
  10. The Fifth Prince (Nikolay Nikolov) - 7pts.
  11. Sngark and the Dragon's Daggers (Nikolay Nikolov) - 6pts.
  12. Circle of Sand and Water (Romen Bodri, France) - 4pts.
  13. Alchemist's Apprentice (John Evans, England) - 4pts.
  14. Don't Look Back (Jose Luis Lopez Morales, Spain) - 1pts.


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( 9 April, 2017 )