Colorful nixa 2018


he good news are that this competition seems to be working its way to becoming an annual tradition as well! Again, there were two categories, "Best Cover" and "Best Illustrations".


"Best Cover"

Although this yer we had only 6 interactive books published, 8 artists were competing in this category, since "Falling Angels" and "Gamebooks" magazine, vol. 8, had 2 variants of the covers. "Catharsis" in the end is the big winner for 2017', since it won "Golden Nixa" award, as well as this one. Alexander Elichev is the first international artist, winning "Coloful Nixa"!

Alexander Elichev - Catharsis cover    Ventzislav Velikov - Heroic Calling 6 cover


  1. ALEXANDER ELICHEV with Catharsis- 40 pts. (110 pts. second round)
  2. Ventzislav Velkikov with "Heroic Calling" vol. 6 - 26 pts. (110 pts. second round)

3. Georgi Murdjev - Fallen Angels (16 pts.)
4. Jayme Garcia - "Fallen Angels" (limited edition) (15 pts.)
5. Dean Spencer - "Gamebooks" magazine, vol.8 (10 pts.)
6. Bojidar Jekov - "Gamebooks" magazine, vol.8 (limited edition) (7 pts.)
6. Dean Spancer - "Gamebooks" magazine, vol.9 (7 pts.)
8. Svetlana Paunova-Murdjeva - "Way of the Tiger: Assassin!" (5 pts.)

"Best Illustrations"

Once again we have a female artist, winning this award - Svetlana Paunova-Murjeva with "Way of the Tiger 2: Assassin!". Svetlana is familiar to the Bulgarian audience as an author as well (Sara Jennit). Ventsislav Velikov artwork was also very well received - he was leading before the second round and got second place in both categories.

Svetlana Paunova-Murdjeva - Way of the Tiger: Assassin illustration   Ventzislav Velikov - Rendezvouz illustration  


  1. Svetlana Paunova-Murdjeva with "Way of the Tiger: Assassin!" - 28 pts. (110 pts. second round)
  2. Ventzislav Velikov with "Miss Effect" and "Rendezvouz" (GB mag. 8 and HC)- 31 pts. (80 pts. second round)

3. Тhe Аrchonist with "Bone dogs" (GB mag. 9) - 20 pts.
4. Georgi Mishkov with "Fangs 2: The Palace of Wonders" (HC6) 11 pts.
5. Bojidar Jekov with "Wrong way, go back!" and "Redemption" (GB mag. 8 and 9) 6 pts.
6. Milen Velikov with "Catharsis" 3 pts.
7. Jose Garcia with "Fallen Angels"
7. Goro with "Изкупление" (GB mag. 8)
7. Todor Mutarov with "That Winter's Night" (HC6)


"Colorful nixa" 2017

( 25 April, 2018' )