Golden Nixa Award 2019

read moreT he sixth annual winner of the "Golden nixa" prize is Al Toro with the short and brutal mystery thriller - "Guardians" (published in "Heroic Calling, vol. 7), thus he is the first author to win the award twice. Even though the year had only a few published...

T.O.R.N.A.D.O. 6 remastered edition

read moreOne of the biggest classics in the gamebook genre, published in Bulgaria 25 years ago, now has a remastered version. This article is regarding its crowdfunding campaign, but sadly (for our English speaking friends), the gamebook will be available only in Bulgarian....

Interview with Jonathan Green

read moreW e are happy to present to you an extremely interesting new interview with one of the most successful and active authors of gamebooks - Jonathan Green. The interview is taken by Peter Agapov and the bulgarian "Gamebooks" magazine team, huge thanks to them, as...

Become a part of "Heroic Calling", 2019

read moreT his article is for the annual Bulgarian competition for gamebooks. The winning works are published in the almanac "Heroic Calling", but the competition, as well as its rules, are available in Bulgarian only. ( 28 Dec 2018 )

Overview of the gamebooks in 2018

read moreDuring 2018 the interactive fiction continued its minimalistic, but steady presence in Bulgaria. There were no pleasant surprises for the fans - none of the long-anticipated projects came to a successful end. There were no unpleasant surprises as well, though - the...

Colorful nixa 2018

read moreT he good news are that this competition seems to be working its way to becoming an annual tradition as well! Again, there were two categories, "Best Cover" and "Best Illustrations".   "Best Cover" Although this yer we had only 6 interactive books published,...

Golden Nixa Award 2018

read moreT he fifth winner of the "Golden Nixa" trophy is Ray Gard with the cyberpunk / sci-fi "Catharsis". Thus the "Hyperspace" series prove to be favorite of the fans, after "Genesis" qualified at 4th place in 2017'. We had 15 gamebooks...

Crowdfunding gamebooks 2017-2018

read moreCrowdfunding has become such a powerful method for funding, advertising and selling games of all kinds, that basically anyone, interested in publishing a gamebook worldwide, should have at least thought this option through. For people still not familiar with...

Dust and Salt released on Steam

read moreA  new Bulgarian interactive adventure is now available on Steam! The game is called "Dust and Salt" and its paper version was very well received here, when it was published in "Heroic Calling" gamebook almanac in 2013'. In its core, "Dust and Salt" is a...

Interview with Roger Wilco

read moreRoger Wilco (Penko Zhivanov) is one of the best comedic Bulgarian gamebook authors, though he published only two titles in the late 90's. Sadly, the interview is available in Bulgarian only.